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    1. Unmixed Two Color Injection Molding Machine(HXS Model)
      1. The unmixed two color injection molding machine is featured with colorful and attractive appearance. Meanwhile, it is composed of two injection components, namely the major and minor parts, which can inject material not only synchronously but also alternately by two screw bars controlled by professional programmable computer...
    1. Mixed Two Color Injection Molding Machine(HXS/h Model)
      HXS/h mixed two color injection molding machine is used to mold dual-mixed-color plastic products. Its main injection unit is mounted in the center of the fixed platen. And the side injection unit is installed vertically upon the main unit with a certain oblique angle. The two injection units can be controlled separately and co-work to produce mixed-color products...
    1. Thermoset Injection Molding Machine
      1. Unlike the conventional machine, this thermoset injection molding machine is configured with the proportional pump, which can deliver fast response. In this way, hydraulic power can be put out in accordance with practical need, avoiding high-pressure overflow and saving 25-50% power.
      2. Bakelite is configured with specially-designed screw and barrel...

Custom Injection Molding Machines

Apart from given types, we also manufacture custom injection molding machines according to clients’ requirements. HYSION is one of the best well-known plastic injection molding machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in the world.

1. Unmixed two color injection molding machine (HXS model) is composed of two injection components (the major one and the minor one). The two injection parts can work simultaneously under control of dedicated programmable computers. Plastic products molded by this custom injection molding machine are nice and colorful in appearance.
2. As for the mixed two color injection molding machine (HXS/h model), the main injection unit and side injection unit can be controlled separately and produce mixed color products as different requests.
3. Thermoset injection molding machine is configured with specially-designed screws and barrels. These screws and barrels are made from high strength bi-metallic steel and accept special treatment, which endows them with good corrosion resistance and strong abrasion resistance.

In addition to the custom injection molding machines, we have been focusing on the exploration of many other production lines, including the small-sized direct hydraulic clamp series, the middle-sized connecting rod series, the large-sized two-platen injection molding machine, etc. Among them, the most favorable and highly-recommendable is HXM-servo energy saving series. This kind of molding machine is simultaneously driven by oil and electricity. Its clamping force rangesfrom 65 tons to 2000 tons.