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Thermoset(Bakelite) Injection Molding Machine

1. Unlike the conventional machine, this thermoset injection molding machine is configured with the proportional pump, which can deliver fast response. In this way, hydraulic power can be put out in accordance with practical need, avoiding high-pressure overflow and saving 25-50% power.
2. Bakelite is configured with specially-designed screw and barrel, which are made from high strength bi-metallic steel and also went through special treatment, making it typical of good corrosion resistance & good abrasion resistance.
3. Oil cooling device of this thermoset injection molding machine is also set with the screw & barrel to ensure the precision of the temperature control.
4. Its injector motor is upgraded to generate larger injection pressure so as to achieve better plasticization.
5. Specially-designed heat resolution plate is adopted in the mold platens.
6. Two sets of interface ports for the mold temperature controlling are computer manipulated.
7. With electric sensor, precision can reach up to 0.1 mm.
8. Automatic mold adjustment of the thermoset injection molding machine is controlled by computer.