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HXM Series Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

HXM series servo motor injection molding machine utilizes the high-performance servo dynamic control system and oil pump as power source, having such characteristics as follow: high response, saving energy, low noise, high-control precision, etc. What’s more, it breaks through the tradition with the perfect combination of electrical servo and hydraulic drive system.

1. Super Energy Saving
HXM servo motor injection molding machine has various output power according to different load, to avoid wasting energy. In the hold pressure phase, the servo motor reduces speed so that low energy consumption can be realized. While during cooling-down period, the motor does not work, thus no power is consumed. Compared with the ordinary injection machinery, HXM series can save 20% to 80% power.

2. High Precision and High Stability
Armed with precise pressure sensor and rotary encoder, the servo motor injection molding machine can respectively monitor and give feedback on flow and pressure. And based on the feedback, the high performance synchronous servo motor will adjust flow and pressure accordingly by changing the speed and torque. Besides, the closed-loop control can ensure the stability of product quality.

3. High Response and High Efficiency
The servo motor injection molding machine is equipped with a driving system which responses with high sensitivity. Besides, it just takes 0.05 second to reach the maximum value. In addition, the response speed is much faster than the ordinary injection machinery. In that way, the system can significantly shortens the cycle time and increases the production efficiency.

4. Low Noise
The noise is below 78db. Servo motor produces almost no noise when not operated.

5. Saving Cooling Water
When the temperature of hydraulic oil is lower, the cooling water is reduced greatly.

1. Power system can provide the amount of the energy which the servo motor injection molding machine needs in order to avoid energy loss.
2. With new machine structure, HXM injection machinery is "the new break-though" of hydraulic injection molding machine.

1) New Molding Clamping Structure
Adopting the internal rolling type five support crank web clamping structure, clamping part of servo motor injection molding machine is greatly optimized. In this structure, the cast connected-structure conrod and mould are reinforced by FEA (finite element analysis), which increases rigidity and precision of clamping part.

2) New Power Structure 
The new power structure consists of servo motor, servo driver, pressure sensor, rotary encoder, gear pump and servo system.

Servo Drives Control Principle

Considering there are many selections, we here take HXM 218 servo motor injection molding machine for example.

HXM 218 Injection Molding Machine

Model: HX (*) 218/730
Technical Parameter Table A B C
Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 45 50 55
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22.2 20 18.2
Injection Capacity (Theoretical) cm3 349 431 522
Injection Weight(Ps) g 324 400 485
Oz 11.4 14.1 17.1
Injection Pressure Mpa 210 170 140
Injection Rate g/s 128 158 192
Plasticizing Capacity g/s 18 25 32
Screw Speed Rpm 170
Clamping Unit Clamp Force Kn 2180
Open Stroke mm 520
Max. Mould mm 580
Min. Mould mm 200
Space Between Tie-Bars (W × H) mm 520 × 520
Ejector Force Kn 80
Ejector Stroke Kn 150
Ejector Number N 9
Others Pump Pressure Mpa 16
Motor Power Kw 18.5/23
Heating Power Kw 13.55
Machine Dimension (L × W × H) m 5.70*1.34*2.12
Machine Weight T 3.6
Oil Tank Capacity L 281

Mold Plate Dimension: