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Plastic Vertical Color Mixer

Plastic vertical color mixer is used for uniformly mixing color and helping humidify the dyed plastic materials. During mixing, the blades rotates at high speed, the masterbatches are stirred and heated due to intense frictions. In this way, moisture is facilitated to transform into vapour, so plastic materials can be fully dyed and dried.

1. Adopting dual-layer stainless steel to build the vertical structure, our plastic vertical color mixer renders the stirring fast and steadily.
2. Mixing chamber is made from stainless steel and equipped with dismountable beater, making the cleaning convenient.
3. It is driven by the motor directly, which leads to high stirring efficiency.
4. This plastic vertical color mixer is specially designed in the vertical structure, which occupies less working space and is easy to dismount.
5. It is equipped with automatic stop device (coming into effect after 0 to 30 minutes’ workin)
6. It provides multiple safety protection, making the whole operation pretty safe.

Parameters of Plastic Vertical Color Mixer

Model Moter Power(Kw) Capacity(kg) Power (v) Mix Type External Dimensions
SST-50 1.5 50 AC3 50/60HZ   830×830×1120 130
SST-100 3 100 AC3 50/60HZ Roll Type 1000×1000×1280 190
SSB-50 1.5 50 AC3 50/60HZ   830×830×1120 130
SSB-100 3 100 AC3 50/60HZ   1000×1000×1280 190
SSB-150 4 150 AC3 50/60HZ   1130×1130×1380 250
SSB-200 5.5 200 AC3 50/60HZ   1200×1200×1500 320
SSM-300 1.5 300 AC3 50/60HZ   1450×1100×2000 400
SSM-500 2.2 500 AC3 50/60HZ   1450×1100×2000 500
SSM-1000 4 1000 AC3 50/60HZ   1580×1380×3100 750
SSM-1500 5.5 1500 AC3 50/60HZ Screw Type 1890×1680×3470 1000
SSM-2000 7.5 2000 AC3 50/60HZ   2000×2000×3500 1300