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PET Cap Molding Machine

PET bottle cap injection moulding machine is specially designed for molding of packaging products, such as caps, fast food container, and other thin-wall products. It is characteristic of reliable design, superior performance and short molding cycle time (less than 5 seconds).

Features of PET Bottle Cap Injection Moulding Machine
1. Enlarged ejection system for fast ejection of multi-cavity products
2. Low friction oil seal improves machine response
3. High precision sensor monitoring clamping force online
4. Enlarged water cooling system to shorten cooling time
5. Self-lubricated bearings for moving platen and tie bar, minimizes pollution
6. Plasticizing and ejecting during mold opening
7. Low pressure mold protection device with pressure differential control
8. Oil temperature monitoring with alarm
9. Strengthened mechanical design ensures stable and fast motion
10. Integral injection base with linear guiding rail
11. Specially-designed high mixing screw with L/D ratio of 24:1 (for excellent plasticizing effect)