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PVC Injection Molding Machine

Product Example by PVC Preform Injection Molding Machine
Special Injection Molding Machine for PVC/PPR Fitting

Characteristics of PVC Preform Injection Molding Machine
1. PVC injection machine is specially designed for PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PVC Powder and Bi-alloy Screw & Barrel. During the operation, stabilized temperature keeps stable so that the material charging rate is increased. It also can guarantee high quality product with highly efficient plasticizing rate and stable injection.
2. It is configured with high-torsion/ low-rotation hydraulic pump, which not only ensures efficient molding capacity, but also reduces cooling time and material consumption.
3. Designed for hard PVC mold, it can widen the plate metal, and provide convenient mold installation. Meanwhile, it can reduce cost as well as guarantee the personal safety of the operator.
4. PVC preform injection molding machine adopts relay of solid state to accurately control temperature.
5. Two groups of core-pulling units are applied.
6. The adoption of the imported variable pump or servo drive control makes the energy saving remarkable.
7. Fan and wind cover co-work to increase the material temperature deviation.
8. Multiple sets of core-pulling and stainless steel screws are optional when choosing desirable PVC preform injection molding machines.