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HXZ Series Two Platen Injection Molding Machines

1. For HXZ series two platen injection molding machines, clamp tuning is accurate so as to need less time for tool exchange.
2. Wider opening stoker allows for more tool alternateness and realizes high automation in applications.
3. Compared with the conventional molding machine, the clamping force of tie-bars & clamp structure is greatly lessened, which greatly improves mechanical durability.
4. This two platen injection molding machine is available for wide range of applications, while it occupies only a small working space.
5. Low pressure function ensures tool durability.
6. Advanced sealing and balance device effectively avoid the leakage.

Outstanding Features
1. Clamping force of the two platen injection molding machine is 1000 tons. The molding’s closing and opening operation is flexible and convenient, leading to high precision, favorable performance, low noise, less power consumption and shorter molding cycling time.
2. Compared with traditional machines, this one is 1/3 smaller in volume, which is more economical with more production space spared.
3. According to production needs, complex multi-loop movements can be operated synchronously, significantly improving productivity.
4. The mould opening stroke can be adjusted precisely based on each product’s size and position.
5. In this two platen injection molding machine, the clamping system not only ensures high-speed running, but also maintains the minimum energy consumption, and provides a more sensitive low-pressure mold protection.
6. It employs hydraulic circuit design of high response to create a very superior molding quality.

Applications of Two Plate Injection Molding Machine:

Production instance:

Parameter :

Model: Hxz1000/8200 Two-Platen Machine
Technical Parameter Table A B C
Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 110 120 130
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22 20.2 18.6
Injection Capacity (Theoretical) cm3 4618 5496 6540
Injection Weight (Ps) G 4202 5001 5870
Injection Pressure MPa 178 150 127
Injection Rate g/s 804 936 1099
Plasticizing Capacity g/s 101 112 125
Screw Speed rpm 110
Clamping Unit Clamp Force KN 10000
Open Stroke mm 1100-1850
 Max. Mould mm 1200
Min. Mould mm 450
Space Between Tie-Bars (W × H) mm 1260 × 1050
Ejector Force KN 250
Ejector Stroke KN 350
Ejector Number n 17
Others Pump Pressure MPa 14
Motor Power KW 45 + 45 + 11
Heating Power KW 62.5
Machine Dimension (L × W × H) m 11.03 × 3.00 × 3.50
Machine Weight t 50
Oil Tank Capacity L 2000

Mold Plate Dimension: