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HXW Series Variable Pump Injection Molding Machine

1. HXW series plastic injection molding machine adopts the variable pump with high sensitivity.
2. The flow and pressure are controlled by computer.
3. The variable pump injection press features energy saving, faster response and small impact.
4. It is configured with precise bypass filter to ensure long-term cleanliness of oil and to improve the reliability. Besides, it is able to prolong the service life of oil line system, reduce maintenance frequency and save lots of maintenance cost.

1. HXW Variable pump series plastic injection molding machines are HYSION company's energy-saving and precision products, which reflect HYSION company’s combination of strong design power and international advanced variable pump control technology. This also provides more choices for customers.
2. The series injection molding machine adopts load sensitivity control ratio variable system, which allows the hydraulic system's output power of machine to match with the actual consumption, avoid the loss of high-pressure throttling overflow energy. Compared with traditional ratio pump, the series plastic injection molding machine can save 30%-50% of the power. This is obvious economic benefit.
3. In addition, this injection molding machine generates less heat than others. In this way, 30% cooling water is saved. Besides, noise is lower and good oil-line sealing contributes to long working life of hydraulic oil. Thus, maintenance cost for this machine is reduced, also meeting the international standards for environment protection.
4. Due to its superiority, HXW series variable pump plastic injection molding machine brings more distinguished economic benefit for the customers.


1. High performance variable pump hydraulic control system with fast response and shorter forming cycle. It makes our plastic injection molding machine energy-saving and environment-friendly.
2. Three way ratio valves are not needed in this variable pump hydraulic control system.


HXW 98 Plastic Injection Molding Machine


Model: HX(*)98/330
Technical Parameter Table A B C D
Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 32 35 38 40
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 24 22 20.2 19.2
Injection Capacity (Theoretical) cm3 128 154 181 200
Injection Weight (Ps) g 116 140 164 182
Oz 4 4.9 5.7 6.4
Injection Pressure Mpa 262 219 185 168
Injection Rate g/s 71 85 101 111
Plasticizing Capacity g/s 10 11 13 17
Screw Speed rpm 200
Clamping Unit Clamp Force Kn 980
Open Stroke mm 315
Max. Mould mm 390
Min. Mould mm 150
Space Between Tie-Bars (W × H) mm 360 × 340
Ejector Stroke Kn 45
Ejector Force Kn 100
Ejector Number N 5
Others Pump Pressure MPa 16
Motor Power Kw 11/11
Heating Power Kw 8.2
Machine Dimension (L × W × H) m 4.16*1.15*1.82
Machine Weight T 2.7

Mold Plate Dimension: